Our Brandblasters

The Ad Bike

  • Customised bikes with mini bubbles & a public address system.
  • Advertise where other means are impossible.
  • Goes anywhere a cycle is allowed to go.
  • Rear lockable door with easy access to storage.
  • Back-lighting capability.

The Ad Van

  • Customised vans with multi-sided advertising boards at the back.
  • Works even when parked – on the road or parked in eye-catching places
  • Your ad will be working every hour on hour.
  • Back-lighting capability.
  • Daily or weekly driver report will be sent via email and will also include digital photographs.

The Ad Walker

  • Reach consumers whenever and wherever they want, day or night (backlit)
  • The dynamic displays on double sided illuminated boards also provide audio, taking your promotions to a new level.
  • A perfect solution for supporting store launches, for price promotions, new product launches, events, road shows and sampling etc.

The Ad Screen

  • Revolutionary form of street advertising which harnesses all the impact of audio & visual
  • Idea for commercials, product demonstrations or film previews.
  • High-tech form of ambient advertising that can be specifically targeted to penetrate the very centre of the market you are trying to reach.

Inflatable Billboards
Inflatable Billboards provide great roadside or city and town center advertising nationwide with endless possibilities. They come in a range of sizes from a 6-sheet, through 48-sheet standard billboard size to the 96-sheet size or an even bigger super-size billboard. The units are free-standing as no fixing is required they can be sited on most surfaces without damage and in a very short space of time.